First and foremost, First Baptist Church Bethalto (FBCB) is a group of people who are pursuing a deeper relationship with God. We have each started along this path by accepting the gift that God’s Son, Jesus, has provided for us, and placing Him in charge of our life by following His teachings and principles as explained in the bible. In short, we believe Christianity is a relationship, not a religion.

The members of FBC come from all walks of life to form a family. The Christian faith is not intended to be lived in isolation; we were made for relationship with God and for relationship with each other. We belong not merely to a local church, but to a people. We care for each other, support one another during life’s storms, teach each other things we’ve learned along the way, and share our lives in both the bad times and the good times. We do this both through our personal relationships with one another and through our many church ministries. The best way to connect with other believers this way is by being a part of one of our small groups. Check out our small group opportunities on on our Small Groups page.

FBC was originally founded in 1940 as a small community church near old, downtown Bethalto. Through God’s provision, we grew throughout the years until the original building, which had seen multiple additions, was simply not big enough. The current building is situated on approximately 20 acres on the east side of Bethalto. We recognize that while these buildings are helpful tools with which to serve our community and worship together corporately, they are not the end-goal of being a church – we, the people of FBC Bethalto, are the church. 

201 South Moreland Rd, Bethalto IL 62010

[email protected]



Sundays at 10:15 a.m.